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Agrivoltaic - Tariffs and incentives of the Mase decree sent to Brussels

Tractor and solar panels agriculture

The decree was sent to Brussels for the green light on state aid and provides for incentive tariffs for agri-voltaic and capital grants.

Below is a brief summary of the main points, which concern power plants over 1 MWp:

  • The plants resulting in a useful position in the relative rankings come into operation within eighteen months from the date of communication of the outcome of the procedure and in any case no later than 30 June 2026;

  • Reference tariffs, maximum eligible costs and tariff correction:

agrivoltaic calculations
agrivoltaic calculations

The rate is corrected to take into account the different levels of insolation, based on the following table:

agrivoltaic calculations
agrivoltaic calculations

The beneficiaries of the measure governed by this decree are:

  1. Agricultural entrepreneurs as defined by article 2135 of the civil code, in individual or corporate form, including cooperatives, agricultural companies, as defined by legislative decree 29 March 2004, n. 99, as well as consortia established between two or more agricultural entrepreneurs and/or agricultural companies, agricultural entrepreneurs, including agricultural cooperatives that carry out activities pursuant to art. 2135 of the civil code and the cooperatives or their consortia pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 2, of the legislative decree 18 May 2001, n. 228, and temporary associations of agricultural enterprises;

  2. Temporary business associations, which include at least one subject referred to in point 1.


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