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Asterion Fund grows in Italy and acquires Samso

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Asterion Industrial Partners, a European mid-market infrastructure investment management company, has signed an agreement to purchase Samso, an energy service company active in Italy in the design, construction and maintenance of energy efficiency plants with a team of about 70 people. Samso has built energy efficiency plants to 450 clients in the industrial and public administration world and developed projects for more than 80 Mwp. The transaction is subject to the passing of certain conditions precedent, including Golden Power, and is expected to be finalized during the fourth quarter of 2022.

The company was founded in 2014 by Igor Bovo and Gianpiero Cascone, Italian entrepreneurs in the energy efficiency and electric mobility sector. The group's growth was also helped by the entry of Melpart, an investment holding company owned by Stefano Meloni, into the corporate structure, which became the majority shareholder in 2016.

For Asterion Samso represents an opportunity to enter the Italian energy efficiency market with an experienced and agile company, with important prospects for organic growth and through acquisitions. Asterion will support Samso in further developing its Esco business and expanding its product range from photovoltaic rooftops, to electric vehicle charging, enabling it to build an integrated energy transition platform. Bovo and Cascone, who will reinvest in the company through their companies Tobago and Pvr, will remain managing directors of Samso. Asterion's acquisition of the majority stake will help.



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