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The first crowdfunding agri-voltaic in Emilia-Romagna

Here is Gaya's project on the platform to finance a 10MWp plant in the province of Ferrara that will allow cultivation.

The plant, of approximately 10MWp, will also allow cultivation, with further savings in water resources thanks to the shading effect of the panels. The production will be equal to approximately 13GWh per year and will allow for the lack of emissions of 5.5kTon of CO2 each year, equal to almost 4,000 cars and the beneficial effect of approximately 560,000 new trees.

Gaya SRL ( is the new proposing company on, the number one platform and app in Italy for green investments. The company founded by Carolina Franceschini thus launches a crowdfunding agrivoltaic plant in Emilia-Romagna for the first time, also testing —for the first time for a crowdvesting campaign in Italy— the prebooking method. "It is a method of collecting non-binding expressions of interest with which investors will have the possibility of priority access to the investment and possibly take advantage of a higher rate" explains Carolina Franceschini, CEO of GAYA SRL.

Prebooking is in fact an EOI (expressions of interest) method which allows you to book without constraints to invest in a specific project, the effective collection of which will only start later. «It is a formidable tool that allows operators to verify the interest and attractiveness of their projects, particularly in the local area, to calibrate their financing objectives through the crowd and to better define their debt strategies, also together to other subjects, to effectively guarantee rapid collections starting from the moment the campaign is actually opened» explains Giorgio Mottironi, CSO and co-founder of the benefit company Ener2Crowd and Chief Analyst of the GreenVestingForum.

On the other hand —for investors— it is instead an excellent opportunity to plan their investments over time and receive a further premium, in the form of an additional rate of return, when they confirm their interest, financing actually the campaign with an amount equal to or greater than that declared in the pre-booking. In short, with GAYA SRL there is a lot of news on the platform, including the fact that the first initiative actually constitutes the first crowdfunding financing campaign linked to an agri-voltaic plant that will be developed in Emilia-Romagna, built in the province of Ferrara and open to the whole national territory.

«The plant, of about 10MWp, will be distributed over a land covering about 15 hectares and will allow cultivation, with a further substantial saving of water resources thanks to the shading effect of the panels» underlines Carolina Franceschini, CEO of GAYA SRL, a company that specializes in the development of efficient projects, which combine traditional agriculture with the most innovative photovoltaic technologies. Production will be around 13GWh per year, allowing for 5.5kTon of CO2 to be lost each year, thus offsetting the pollution produced by around 4,000 cars, equal to the beneficial effect of planting around 560,000 trees.

«The goal is to generate the maximum agro-energy production, in full respect of the territory, the landscape and the values ​​of social sustainability» underline the agronomists of GAYA SRL. «Gaya in fact aims -the agronomists continue- to enhance the agricultural context in addition to energy production, carefully studying the most suitable solutions from a technological and design point of view, to maintain or improve the agronomic use of the land».

Carolina Franceschini will take care of the concrete development of the project, an entrepreneur who has always focused on research and development in the field of energy and sustainability —from biogas to photovoltaics— already co-founder of TOBAGO and head of business development in the different areas of interest of the company, Board Member of the subsidiaries of the Holding Company and of various companies in the biomethane sector. The CEO of Gaya SRL also has in-depth knowledge of Italian energy policies, PNRR rules and EU regulations for the achievement of environmental and management processes and authorizations. And he personally takes care of the startup of new corporate initiatives.

With the new GAYA project created in partnership with Ener2Crowd, Carolina Franceschini aims to generate clean and renewable energy from the sun, while providing shade and other benefits to crops. To achieve it, also involving local communities, through the number one platform and app in Italy for green investments, the company is requesting a minimum loan of 200,000 euros (with a maximum of 250,000 euros) for acceptance of the connection estimate and for first stages of development necessary for the construction and installation of the agri-voltaic system, the total cost of which is estimated at approximately 8 million euros. The return —for those who want to participate in this "widespread investment" initiative (with a social matrix) in renewables and in the sustainable energy transition— is 7.5% per year, with a duration of 18 months and "bullet" amortization in quarterly installments .

È inoltre previsto un rendimento addizionale dello 0,5% per chi investe entro i primi 7 giorni dall’apertura della raccolta (“Fast Ticket”) ed un ulteriore 0,1% per chi si iscrive al “Prebooking” indicando quanto vorrebbe investire (anche solo 100 euro) con una manifestazione di interesse non vincolante e poi investe effettivamente tale cifra.

By opting for "Prebooking" —which in the case of the GAYA agrivoltaic plant in the province of Ferrara will close on 11 July 2023— it will also be possible to invest one day before the official opening of the project to all investors: «a factor of little importance considering that the collections on our platform are very often completed in a few hours, making it difficult for all those who would like to be protagonists of this incredible "green revolution" that starts from the bottom up» highlights Niccolò Sovico, CEO, creator and co-founder of «We are also associating reforestation projects with a high social impact to our agrivoltaic projects, created together with the zeroCO2 partner» proudly adds the CEO of Gaya SRL, Carolina Franceschini.

«A traceable corporate forest to support farming families in the neediest and poorest areas of the world» Carolina Franceschini points out.


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