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Tobago invests in Ener2Crowd, Italian green investment and savings startup

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We are really proud to have invested in Ener2Crowd, a tool that enables the sharing of the benefits that the energy transition can generate, through people's participation in building a sustainable future.

We always try to support wonderful realities that innovate and redecorate our society and economy in a green way.

Ener2Crowd, has closed a €1 million seed capital raise led by Larry SpA, an investment vehicle of the family of industrialist Enrico Falck, and other players in the energy transition sector in Italy and around the world.

"We are constantly looking for investment opportunities in the Green Economy that foster innovation and the development of new energy paradigms: the investment in Ener2Crowd and the management team, with its vision and strategy for growth in lending crowdfunding, fully fit these characteristics," said Enrico Falck.

Investors include Tobago, an investment and development company for innovative solutions in the energy transition founded by Carolina Franceschini and Igor Bovo, in turn co-founder and CEO of SAMSO S.p.A. And then again Fenice Invest, Valore Energia, MelPart Holding and a large number of GreenVestors, with an incredibly positive response from the community of ethical investors that has been created in our country and that today counts more than 8 thousand registered users on the platform with an average invested capital of 8,800 euros.



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